Renovation Sells Franchises | Led By a Passionate Team Aspiring to Improve an Entire Industry
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Meet The Team Of Renovation Sells

Who We Are

Led by a Passionate Team Aspiring to Improve an Entire Industry

Our Founders

Mike Valente

Co-Founder & CEO

Amanda Valente

Co-Founder & COO

Briana Gershenzon

Chief of Design

John Bura

Chief Construction Officer

Meet the Minds Behind Renovation Sells

Meet The Team

How We Manage Renovation Projects

Our Process

  • REALTORⓇ Relationships

    Since Realtors don’t have time to be general contractors and want to focus on selling listings, they catch on quick and want to leave the renovating to us.

  • Hire The Right Team

    Hire the Right Team

    We’ll help you find local and qualified subcontractors to complete your renovations.

  • Scope and Budget

    Franchisees have access to our construction management software which handles everything from proposal creation to billing and project management — all from one tool.

  • Design Team Of Renovation Sells

    Time to Design

    Our Design Team provides a customized design for every project. The materials selected are tailored specifically to buyers in your market.

  • Time to Work

    Once the customer signs the contract, your team is ready to start renovating using the selections provided by the Design Team.

  • Our Work Finish On Time

    Finish on Time

    One reason our clients love us so much is because of our efficiency. Most projects can be completed in 21 days once they’re contracted.


Meet Briana

All design selections come from our corporate team, so our franchisees don’t need to have design expertise. By providing a customized design board for each project’s target buyer, our builders don’t have to waste time selecting materials. We develop the design on their behalf and they get to work!

Our Core Values

Pride in design.

Every project is design-focused. By focusing on creating a beautiful aesthetic, we help sell homes that people see themselves living in.

Keep it simple.

We take care of the simple interior updates that make the right first impression online, not large and costly construction projects.

Keep it real.

We’re confident in our abilities because we’ve walked in our customer’s shoes. The work we do is to improve our customer’s lives, not just ours.

Relationships above all.

Our success depends on how many relationships we open, not how many deals we close. If our customers trust us and believe in what we do, more opportunities come our way.

Our Story

One day in November of 2017, Mike was in his Chicago office reading an article about renovating rental properties to increase the rental rate. As a licensed REALTORⓇ and general contractor, he had his eureka moment —“we can do the same thing but for the residential ‘for sale’ market.”

Mike had been part of numerous large renovation projects that always took too long and provided little personal fulfillment. So, instead of focusing on the big projects with little return, the focus would be the simple, cost-effective updates that make for great pictures and help listings sell quickly.

The best part, no one else was doing it.

After reaching out to numerous Realtors about the idea, they all said there was a need and asked, “when can you start?” With Mike’s experience in real estate and construction and Amanda’s in marketing, we knew we could do it — and we moved fast.


Within two months, we convinced general contractor and friend, John Bura, and interior designer, Briana Gershenzon to complete and help bring our new business model to life.

After putting their son down for a nap and getting some quiet time to think, Amanda came up with “Renovation Sells.” The first job was in early 2018 and grew quickly into 100 projects in two years. That’s when we knew, “Wow, this is really going to work!”

Today, we’ve renovated over 170 homes with an average price of $20K per project.

Together, we created a new business that changes how realtors and homeowners sell their homes at top value — with no signs of revenue slowing down. Now that we have mastered our business model and reputation in Chicago’s competitive market, we want to expand nationally and help others looking to start a business have their own success story.